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Indoor Bucket List: 13 Things to Do with Your Dog without Leaving the House

Have fun and pass the time with this list of indoor activities to do with your fur baby! How many items have you checked off the list?

Dog on couch with graphic background and title text

1 Have a doggie spa day

Start with a workout (#12) or dog yoga (#4). Follow with a pawicure (nail clipping) and a good brush session. Then it’ll be time for a nice bath with a fun new toy. Dry off with a fluffy towel fresh and warm from the dryer, if possible. End your spa day with a favorite treat.

2 Teach a new trick

Go beyond the basic sit, lay, shake, and stay and teach your dog to high five, play peekaboo, balance a treat on head or snout, do the army crawl, give a kiss, or walk backwards. 
More great ideas:

    3 Share a picnic lunch

    Spread out a blanket on a patch of floor and have a picnic-style lunch with your pup. Don’t forget the picnic games! Blow up a balloon (or ten!) and play Keep-Up (keep the ball in the air and don’t let it touch the floor). 

    4 Do dog yoga

    Enjoy a shared session of rejuvenating yoga practice with your dog as a bystander or active participant. This video may help you get started.  . Was this fun? There are plenty of other resources online to make this a regular part of your family routine.

    5 Party it up

    Pick a theme, grab some party favors and hats, and throw in some tasty treats. Here are 27 songs about dogs from the American Kennel Club to get your playlist started. For extra fun, put together a DIY photo booth

    6 Have a selfie photo shoot

    Accessorize yourself and your pup, find a great or meaningful location, and start snapping pics. Treasure these keepsake moments.

    7 Go for a cruise around town

    Riding in a car (or truck/SUV/van) can be an exciting experience for your pup. It mimics the rush of running with a pack. The air rushing past the car window carries a lot of new and interesting smells to your dog’s nose. Because dogs experience the world with their noses, all of the information in that air is like a blockbuster movie for your dog. Feel free to bring some plain, air-popped popcorn for them to snack on (be sure to remove the seeds and partially popped kernels first to keep your pup safe).

    8 Take a nap together

    Cozy up for a snooze with your dog. Snuggling up for a nap with your pet has benefits. It can help both dog and person to relax. And your dog’s body temperature is higher than yours, so you’ll stay warm (as long as you’re not too bundled up in the blankets).

    9 Play a new game

    You’ve most likely spent time playing tug and throwing a ball with your dog. Try something new and different! Set up an obstacle course, play hide and seek, play ‘find the treat’ or a shell game. You can also teach your dog the names of their toys, and how to put their toys away or retrieve toys by name. 

    10 Make a new toy

    Dogs need mental stimulation to give their minds an outlet. Interacting with a new toy can help meet this need. Use our post with instructions for a simple toy using an old sock, an empty plastic water bottle, and treats. Or come up with a design of your own! Bonus points if you can find a way to use old clothes, socks, towels, or other fabric items that can be recycled into your toy.

    11 Do an indoor doggie workout

    Get your sweat on and get your pup in on the action! These sites have some great ideas for working out with your dog:

    12 Eat homemade ice cream treats

    Make ice cream in a flavor your pup loves (remember, no chocolate!). Scoop a little bit into a small cone and let your pup lick to their heart’s content. Be sure to read this article first and check with your vet to make sure your dog can enjoy ice cream without causing health issues:

    13 Eat a gourmet meal

    Let your pup experience a little of the high life. Share a gourmet meal with your pup - complete with place settings and table decor!